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The Weekly Escape

Evening all.

So as I wrote about a few weeks ago now, I’m officially ‘back behind the mic’. I’ve started presenting and producing a regular music show once more on my local community radio station, Sine FM, (Sundays at 6pm if you’re interested).

I wanted to start doing the show for a variety of reasons:

  1. I’ve missed radio. It’s been a year since I did some hospital radio, that which I didn’t get much out of, and it hooks you in once you’re into the routine. You start listening to more radio in general, especially the station you’re part of. It’s like a family you don’t see much at all, but you know you’re all part of the same fish tank so to speak, it’s literally got community written all over it.
  2. I need it for the CV. After doing a degree in Radio Production, you really would think that I may have found a job in radio, but as of yet I haven’t (typically in this day and age). Therefore, I figured I’d need to have something written on the CV so as to make me look interested still, which of course I very much am. SOMEONE EMPLOY ME.
  3. Lastly, it’s something to look forward to every weekend. Sometimes when you’re in a job, you have weekends where you just really can’t be arsed because you’re so tired and you lounge around watching sitcoms and eating doritos… (remind you of anyone?) I desperately try to utilise my weekends anyway and I knew that this show would give me something to strive towards every week, even if it is just an hour on air, playing music, with only potentially a few listeners. That’s something I can happily accept, because it makes me feel great. At the moment, I feel like I’m reaching a crossroads in my personal and social life, and this show and what comes with it is the beautiful form of escapism I crave for weekly. I know from now on in that I’ll just be looking forward to Sunday at 6. I’m able to play the music I’m listening to and enjoying, to people whom will appreciate it and support my passion. What can’t you love about that?


Anyway, I don’t mean to go deep, but it happens sometimes. Cheers for reading. Joe x

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