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My First Glastonbury

Phew. So I’ve just about recovered and feel fairly human again after getting back from my first Glastonbury Festival yesterday afternoon, (Monday 26th June 2017).

What a festival, what a weekend. We arrived very tired and very dreary-eyed on Wednesday morning in the stupidly early hours and started queuing, with a bit of a kip thrown in too, ready to get in through the gates at 8am. After setting up camp on what MUST have been the hottest day of the year so far, it was time to spend the next two days exploring the magnificence and weird wonders of the festival. I really was taken aback and overwhelmed at how big the site was, and how much stuff was going on. It’s true what people say; you can easily not see any bands and still have an incredible time at Glastonbury!

From the Circus Fields to Shangri-La to the Stone Circle, the walk around the site is something to behold. One of the first things I saw on Thursday was a bearded man sipping a cup of tea outside one of the stalls in the Hippie Fields absolutely starkers! I’ve heard of hanging out at Glastonbury but that was taking it a bit far…

But who cares? It’s Glastonbury. Anything goes. And anything did go. I spent Thursday night raving with my Uncle at the Glade where we experienced The Orb going through their seminal album, ‘The Orb’s Adventures Beyond the Ultraworld’ and then saw nearly thirteen hours of live music on Friday.

My feet absolutely murdered by the end of the day but I can safely say that I saw one of my favourite ever bands, Radiohead, right up close and it was so worth it. After shedding a tear to second song, ‘Lucky’, they ran through tracks from ‘The Bends’, ‘OK Computer’, ‘Hail To The Thief’ and ‘In Rainbows’ most notably. The set has had its mixed reviews but it didn’t stop me enjoying it nonetheless. The most special moment had to be the continuous rapture from us all in the crowd of ‘For a minute there, I lost myself’ after they played last track, ‘Karma Police’.

Saturday was being taken a bit easier until the mighty Foo Fighters took to the Pyramid Stage and played a hit-packed set, with a couple of Queen classics thrown in there. Forever the crowd pleasers! Fireworks were shot up in the air after ‘Everlong’ was blasted out and then it was time to hit the Unfairground, which is, well, just bloody bizarre. I can safely say before that evening that I’d never stepped into a club where the entrance was a huge mouth, or acknowledged the Madchester legend that is Bez from the Happy Mondays. It was an interesting and top night that concluded in a slow walk back to camp with a massive bowl of nachos. Beautiful.

I felt pretty Glastonbury-ed out by Sunday morning, so the decision to chill out and watch a few bands at the John Peel stage was a good one. Real Estate, King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard and Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes all smashed it before it took me what felt like a year to navigate my way out of the John Peel area back to the Pyramid for Chic. Word had been brewing all day about The Killers playing a secret set and it was all true, so it’s safe to say that it was bloody packed when I was trying to leave. While we’re on this subject, can I just say that I think it’s great that Glastonbury do these secret sets – it really gets everyone excited and it seems to intertwine well with the magic of the place and what it can spice up – but bloody hell, if you’re going to book The Killers, put them on the Pyramid! Not only did it take me forever to get out and step over all the waiting bodies, but there was a sea of people being cordoned off who wouldn’t have even got in to see Brandon Flowers strutting his stuff on the screen, let alone the stage itself. Madness in my opinion. But as I said earlier, anything goes at Glasto.

An early night was had after another little tear at Biffy Clyro and we left the site at about 7am on Monday morning with zero queues, thank God! Very tired, very disorientated, but so, so worth it. Thank you Glastonbury, thank you so bloody much.

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Back Behind The Mic

Evening all. Gosh, it’s been half a year since I’ve blogged. I’m eating my words all the time, a bit like a politician. Very topical, eh?

Anyway, for the first time in what felt like forever yesterday, I pre-recorded a radio show, and I can confirm that it felt really bloody amazing. It really was such a joy just to chill out for an hour, enjoy some carefully-selected tunes and talk about them. That’s what I initially went into radio to do, and that’s what I endeavour to do once more for the foreseeable – be the 14 year-old Joe in some ways.

I’ve got in touch with my old community radio station, Sine FM, and shared interest to start doing a show again, just like the old times; before I could vote, drink, drive or basically do anything remotely adult.

The reign of freedom that the presenters have when choosing the content of their shows and/or the music has always been the most refreshing thing about Sine. Since the stations’ expansion into other areas of Doncaster, the attitude is still the same. Laidback, free reign, to an extent of course. It’s brilliant though, it’s certainly the approach that more community stations ought to adhere to. I personally can’t wait to get stuck in again.

I’ve already had some feedback on the show I pre-recorded yesterday, so that will be worked on. In the meantime, I’m going to go away and collate some good tunes. Keep those fingers on the dial. Cheers.

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