The New Norm

11 Dec

Woah, it’s certainly been a while since I’ve written anything on here. Truth be told, I did mean to write about the whole Fabric saga, but thankfully this blog post will relate to that in some ways.

So I had a little bit of a gig bender this weekend, beginning with travelling to Blackpool on Friday to see the awesomeness of the Chemical Brothers deliver some block-rockin’ beats to the Empress Ballroom, then straight into Sheffield to watch Bobby Gillepsie and the rest of the Primal Scream lot play a brilliant set of feel-good classics and new, more electronic-inspired numbers. A bit of a ’90s gig bender really!

All I wanted to write about really was what seems to be the norm in music venues and clubs all across the country; hard drug-taking, and a lot of it at that. In Blackpool, I was a bit taken aback at one point to find that some older bloke than me who looked like an accountant attempting to relive his youth, offered me some chewing gum. Now, for those who might not be as familiar with the effects of ecstasy, the chemicals in MDMA cause people to ‘gurn’, meaning that their jaws swing, sometimes uncontrollably, from side to side. You know when someone’s gurning basically, and I’m led to believe that chewing gum helps ecstasy users to resist biting the insides of their mouths or gums, and therefore not damaging their mouths as much.

I can quite honestly say that I did not partake in the consuming of MDMA at the Chemical Brothers gig,  nor any drug for that matter, so I’m not sure why my accountant friend presumed I was high.

I’ll tell you why, it’s because I was thoroughly enjoying myself and bouncing up and down and dancing just as much as the people in that crowd who were in fact on drugs. And you know why? Because I’m a music fan. I was out with my good friend seeing a DJ duo I’d always longed to see live. In 2016, it now seems to be the norm to take a copious amount of narcotics in music venues, clubs, and even pubs to some degree. Therefore, you’re an unusual part of the experience if you’re not delving into that world through choice.

That’s pretty much my conclusion on the matter. When my accountant friend offered me some Wrigley’s, it got me thinking about the state of the live music and nightlife culture in the UK. People for whatever reason need to accessorise these experiences, whether it be through Class A drugs or getting your phone out and spending an hour on Snapchat rather than actually physically enjoying yourself with your mates. The same can be said for alcohol however, and we’re definitely all guilty of that. Swings and roundabouts possibly? As for the technology aspect of it, that’s a whole different conversation altogether, one which I can’t get into, otherwise I’d be sat here all night typing. It is deeply fascinating though, as well as hugely worrying at the same time.

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