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A week late on this one but I’ve been busy with work and things and just haven’t got round to the blog, just like in the last two months too…

But anyway, I was amazed last week when I was doing my Saturday afternoon hospital radio show on Trust AM and went to play 2Pac’s ‘Changes’ before I did play it out on air (thinking it would be thoroughly edited) and it wasn’t. The late, great rap star was effing and jeffing like it was going out of fashion and I was stunned.

Never have I been at a radio station where the music that is on the playout system for presenters to play until their heart’s content has not been listened to and edited appropriately for their target audience beforehand. A presenter note was written by myself and the track has since been removed but the fact of the matter is that it should not have been on the system, and I dread to think how many other songs like that are on there.

The fact is, presenters (such as myself) don’t read little tiny notes lying around saying, ‘don’t play this track’ or ‘tracks X to Y haven’t been edited yet so don’t play them out’. We don’t read things, because we’re complete ignoramuses. Therefore, we just play things and hope for the best, I know this mostly from experience of knowing my own style of production and from knowing and meeting other presenters.

I’m still very surprised by this lackadaisical attitude towards new music that is uploaded and I’ll definitely be bringing up the issue at the next AGM if I’m still around.

There you go, moan over.

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