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Can They Do More?

I’m well up to speed tonight, this is definitely a new record!

It’s literally (more or less) just been announced that the biggest artist in the world will be headlining the Saturday night at the biggest festival in the world, Adele is gonna be at Glastonbury everyone.

So it’s a best-of-British affair on Worthy Farm this year, with the already announced headliners being Coldplay and Muse. I love the prospect of all this as I’m a big fan of both those two bands and Adele not as much but I still quite like some of her music, ’21’ for me being her best work. However, is this really the best Glastonbury can do? Fair play to Adele, she’s never headlined, but Coldplay and Muse? Before 2016 they’d already headlined the Pilton event five times combined in something like fourteen years. Might not sound that much, but for Glastonbury it really is.

It’s the same, or a similar, situation for the other high-profile festivals in the UK. Reading and Leeds for instance, have put a poor effort in this year for their biggest names. Fantastic news that the Red Hot Chili Peppers will make a worthy return to both sites, but the fact that Festival Republic have decided to opt for two nights of two co-headliners is bizarre if nothing else. On one of the nights, Foals and Disclosure will co-headline. Now, Disclosure are not YET headline material, and how it works is that either Foals or Disclosure will headline Reading and vice versa, when the other will essentially be their support band. And annoyingly, it typically works out that the bigger and better band always headline Reading (ie, Foals). This is really irritating for me as a Leeds Festival-goer, we Northerners continuously get our sloppy seconds. It’s exactly the same situation for one of the other R&L nights with the two co-headliners being Biffy Clyro and Fall Out Boy. Basically, to put it more simply, one band always miss out, one festival always misses out and one music-loving crowd always miss out. It kinda sucks.

Sorry if all that confused the fuck out of you, I’m going to reach my conclusion soon, just one more example.

Download Festival. Good God, where do you start with Download? To start with, I love it, I think it’s awesome, it’s full of lovely people and awesome bands, but my God, it’s probably the most unoriginal festival going. Headliners this year are Black Sabbath, Rammstein and Iron Maiden. Sabbath, fair play, it’ll be one of their last ever gigs before Ozzy eventually dies or something. Rammstein, hmmm, getting a tad less original now as they only headlined three years ago, and let’s be honest, everyone in the crowd is waiting for ‘Du Hast’. However, I’ve heard they put on a really good show. Iron Maiden, for fuck’s sake, again?!?!?! Aren’t they about 90 years old now? And haven’t they headlined approximately 90 million times?! So boring, change the fucking record Download. Let’s see you dare book someone else. For example, Bring Me The Horizon could easily headline, Deftones, Soundgarden, Queens Of The Stone Age, even Iggy fucking Pop I reckon, especially now he’s released this new album. They always include one new or different band a year but that’s about it. Poor effort.

What I’m trying to get at with ALL of these examples is, that UK festivals at the moment don’t seem to bother too much or put much effort in with regards to booking big bands that maybe people don’t expect. Either that or they make completely the wrong decisions when it comes to slots, a lot of the festivals seem to be clueless. Considering the scale and reputation that these festivals uphold, and have upheld for years on end, it’s pathetic to some extent. They do have the power to book world-class names, I’m just not seeing enough of this in 2016.

I’d love to see a festival one year that wrongs all the bookmakers and throws everyone off completely. I will then automatically have the utmost respect for that particular festival, albeit if the acts are worthy enough.

Anyway, that’s my rant over. Have a good weekend everyone, keep listening!

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So I won’t lie, recently I haven’t had loads of contact with other human beings, through the Internet yes, but in actual person? Face to face? Not really. This might be down to the fact that my Dad is usually out, either at work or the gym and all my friends are more or less finishing University.

Anyway, the reason for me telling you all this is because it’s given me some time to have some ideas, some brainwaves.

Around a year ago I had a little thought in my head going, ‘hey, you know what would be pretty cool, a sitcom revolved around the life of a hospital radio station’. I know a lot about this as I’ve got two and a half years’ experience volunteering at Cotswold Hospital Radio in Cheltenham whilst at University. I loved going every week and made some decent friends along the way but there sure was enough material for me to think about what would be funny if this was transferred into a sitcom-type scenario. Interestingly enough also, I’m actually starting a new show on Trust AM in Worksop, Nottinghamshire (near Doncaster) tomorrow. This is another hospital radio station that I’ve decided to get involved with since being back home. I’m looking forward to doing some radio again and it may give me some more ideas for this sitcom I’m currently laying down the groundworks for. I told my good friend Scott about the idea and a few little anecdotes and characters I’d laid down already and he said it sounds very ’90’s’. Good. I love the 90’s. Cheers Scott, fella.

The songwriting is also still coming along well, it’s been going on for years now of course but I’m a firm believer that the more songs you write and the more you practise, the better the songs will be, musically and lyrically. I really need to get into a studio soon with a couple of people and lay down some stuff properly. Songwriting and recording is definitely the most exciting creative project for me, not to mention the most doable.

Finally, I’ve also been toying around with the idea of saving up for a radio zoom kit and starting to do some individual, not-for-profit, music documentaries for radio. I solely produced a 22-minute documentary on the Arctic Monkeys in my final year at University which got a very good grade and it is something I admittedly, am immensely proud of, it even won a bloody award! I had to meet a deadline for that and under my own steam, following the proven structure I used for the AM doc, I honestly reckon I could produce some great stuff still, put it online and use it to the best of my advantage in the future.

It’s going to be difficult to fit all this in as I’m starting my new, full-time job next week at a local home finance company. I’d like to make a good impression but still concentrate on these ideas in my free time, as well as generally chilling out and having fun.

2016 is set to be a creative year nonetheless, exciting!

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