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A Brit Rubbish, If You Ask Me

So last Wednesday saw the ‘celebration’ of the ‘best’ British music from across the last twelve months, namely, the Brit Awards.

If you ask me, that evening should have been renamed the s*** awards. I mean, wow. It wasn’t great, was it.

For a start, Ant and Dec were presenting again for some reason. Thank God they’re pissing off before next year. They’re so out of touch, it is unbelievable. I can guarantee they’d never even heard of half the bands and artists gracing the acceptance and performance stages throughout the night. ‘Catfish and the Bottlemen, aye man, who?’, ‘Tame ImpalER, aye man, what?’ Place your bets now.

Secondly, Adele won everything, which is just boring but was highly anticipated. It is a shame though because it would have been great to see someone like Laura Marling win ‘Best British Female’ and Jamie xx win ‘Best British Album’. Marling has won that award before I must mention but we can all dream eh?

But for me, the worst aspect of all were the performances. James Bay = boring, bland. Jess Glynne = out of tune. Bieber = just, Bieber. Need I say more? Coldplay and The Weeknd were alright but that was about it. This doesn’t include however the Bowie tribute which was of course the highlight of the night. I must say I was very impressed with Lorde, a real proven global┬átalent after this week.

I could go on about how dreadful this sharade of talentless shite was and how I’ll never get those two hours and twenty minutes back but it’s late on a Friday night and I’m not sure why I’m sat here typing away.

So please, Brits organisers, ‘step up your game’ next year.

That’s all I’ve got, cheers.


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