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New Show, New Challenge

Aaaah, the stresses of third year. It’s safe to say I’m starting to feel it all now. We have a lot to do, a LOT. Not to mention arguably our biggest module that requires the most work, Live Broadcast.

For this, we are split up into two groups and have to come up with twelve hours of good radio, you know, like BBC standard. Then we broadcast these twelve hours one week after another, in hourly blocks. I say twelve hours, the truth is we don’t know what we’re covering seven days before going on air. Therefore, the week before Friday morning is used for drawing content together, getting imaging nice and polished, discuss the running order and getting the technicalities up to scratch.

I am co-presenter and head of social media in our operation, entitled ‘The Week Out Geek Out’. This is a show where we review and discuss comic books, video games and films, mostly current or new.

Now, as I’m not particularly the nerdiest guy (in this field anyway), it does come at me as quite the challenge, especially when your co-presenters life is dedicated to such outlets. It’s a very different strategy used to how me and Sam approach ‘The Sam & Joe Show’, especially as WOGO is assessed and critiqued every week.

I suppose what I’m trying to get at is that all ears are on me and Stephen (my co-host). As presenters, we are automatically the first people that listeners would connect the show to, and this makes you think about how you want to be portrayed through the radio. For this show, I may have to adopt a new persona. Acting on the radio will be the biggest challenge, but it’s something that will hopefully make more sense in the next eleven weeks.

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