I Still Love You NME

28 Nov

Aah, good old NME. It’s one of those magazines and online music sites that really bloody annoys me sometimes, whether it be me heavily disagreeing with an album review they’ve done or if an interviewer has gone off on a massive tangent in an interview with a reforming band that you’re really excited about seeing live again, (‘cos this does happen more often than not).

I say this because in the last couple of days they have released their annual list of their top tracks and albums of the year, voted democratically amongst their headquarters based in the capital. Top pick of the tracks is ‘Seasons (Waiting On You)’ by Future Islands and the winning album is St Vincent’s eponymous self-titled.

It’s honestly so refreshing to see that NME haven’t gone for the big names or the most anticipated and written-about albums, unlike last year when Arctic Monkeys’ ‘AM’ claimed top spot.

Even the top 5 this year is a pleasant surprise with everyone from St. Vincent to Caribou to Mac DeMarco (a former interviewee of mine I must add) being honoured. It just goes to show AND PROVE that the best and biggest music magazine in the country (in my opinion) still care about the smaller bands and artists, ones who might never headline the pyramid stage at Glastonbury, or even the NME/Radio 1 stage itself, but still manage to write, produce and release good, consistent alternative music that appeals to their niche audience.

Coming back to that Mac DeMarco interview, I’m still irritated that I haven’t been able to track down that file. It would be great to include in a future showreel of mine. The interview itself got played out on a very early show that I presented on Tone, over  two years ago now, before the days of The Sam & Joe Show. I was pretty proud of that interview as well, and it is undoubtedly now the biggest name I’ve ever had the pleasure of speaking to on a first-name basis (unless a drunken conversation with Freddie from The Vaccines counts).

Alright then, that doesn’t count. He was the biggest name I’ve ever spoken to SOBER. Happy?

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