Dittys & Interludes – Fun In The Rehearsal Studio

25 Nov

Last night saw the first time me and the rest of the still unnamed band play in an actual, proper rehearsal studio. We had practiced prior once, in Vince’s (the bassist’s) living room. This was great, however it was more acoustic as we did not have a fully functional drum-kit to hand and it turns out that he lives above a laundrette so we couldn’t make loads of noise. So yesterday, we went fucking nuts.

It was honestly so fulfilling. Years of sitting in my room playing acoustic guitar on my own was finally set aside for two hours of raucous, demon-releasing playing.

After setting up, we started out by playing and going through a few times a number of covers, including songs by The Jesus and Mary Chain and My Bloody Valentine. These sounded great but I think we all agreed afterwards that what we enjoyed doing the most by going into the ‘dittys and interludes’ as they were coined last night.

These usually started off by me playing a generic riff on guitar, such as Nirvana’s ‘Come As You Are’. Vince and Richard (drummer), are both big Nirvana fans so they nonchalantly joined in without really thinking about it. I suppose really this was just good, sportsmanly musicianship more than anything. They also came around by Rich playing a simple drum beat and then between the three of us, we started conceiving rhythm and blues type music, which sounded amazing. Thankfully the room was quite spacious and it also gave scope for Tom (other guitarist and vocalist), to walk or run around and sort out the feedback required for the next cover we were about to play and join in whenever he felt necessary.

I also got to hear one of the first songs I ever wrote, ‘Night and Day’ with a full band behind it. For the most part it was near enough how I’ve pictured it in my head for years and this gave me a great sense of relief and as Vince put it afterwards, I did somewhat feel like I’d just released my ‘inner beast’.

All in all, bloody great evening and a hell of a lot of fun. Should be having at least one more rehearsal session before we all piss off home for Christmas so that will more than likely be written about on this very blog.

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