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Sober Up, Alice

Alright. So, one of the biggest music stories this week is the demise of crazy, electro-fuelled, JD-swigging, Crystal Castles. This is a shame, Ethan and Alice have been a great duo for the last 11 years since they formed back in 2004 over in Toronto, releasing three top, consistent studio albums in ‘I’, ‘II’ and ‘III’, the latter being my personal favourite.

Looking at Twitter, it looks like there is a lot of upset CC fans out there, crying out for Alice not to leave and to keep making music but let’s be honest, she needs a bit of a break.

She hasn’t been sober for the last decade, drinking a bottle of Jack Daniel’s on stage with her at pretty much every show. I remember seeing them at Leeds Festival 2012 on the main stage, (which wasn’t the best environment for their music to be quite honest) and she was completely fucked off her nut, throwing the empty bottle into the crowd afterwards. Not only was that really fucking dangerous but it was also quite worrying. I feel for the woman. I don’t want to jump to conclusions but I have a feeling that she couldn’t handle the pressure any more, hence her parting.

Anyway, good luck to both of them. At the end of the day, they’re both great musicians and I believe Alice’s plan is in fact to go solo, so I look forward to hearing her solo work.

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Spoilt For Choice

I don’t know what it is, but it seems that once a year, for about two or three weeks, a LOT of brilliantly looking albums in the alternative world all come around at once. Right this moment, in 2014, we are experiencing exactly that.

Look at what’s just come out, or what’s about to come out. SBTRKT’s highly anticipated second album ‘Wonder Where We Land’, came out on Monday, after him teasing everyone with around half the album being uploaded to Soundcloud at different times, supported by the marvellous Itunes Festival performance, (which is still available to watch on the Itunes store for those who are interested). I have been told from a particular source that the album is remarkable musically, and is idea-driven. There’s also the small matter of Jamie T’s huge comeback after five years of being out of the limelight. NME have stated ‘Carry On The Grudge’ a ‘sublime return’. His performance on Jools Holland this week showed that maybe these five years out have done him good.

Other albums that should be mentioned:

Alt-J – This Is All Yours. Can it possibly match the brilliance and originality of ‘An Awesome Wave’

George Ezra – Wanted On Voyage. The soundtrack to every. Fucking. Advert. For. New. TV. Programmes.

We also have the return of Slipknot with their fifth record, ‘.5: The Gray Chapter’ after six years with the sad death of bassist, Paul Gray, side projects regarding the likes of Stone Sour, and well-renowned world tours. As well as that, Foo Fighters are coming back with their eighth album, ‘Sonic Highways’. This has maybe turned into the biggest story of the year when it boils down to the release of an album as they are previewing it in a highly rock-band style. For those who don’t know, the writing, recording and producing of each track will have it’s own documentary lasting an hour each. In terms of the UK, these documentaries will be broadcast on BBC Four around the release of the album (November 10th).

So there you go, enjoy these. ‘Cos I know I will.

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