It’s Good To Be Back

22 Sep

I know I said yesterday that I won’t be talking about my personal life, but in some ways, I believe I should update people on the progress of productions for University and projects for Tone Radio (our student station), and such.

Today officially marked the first day back of 3rd year, and I have to say, it’s great to be back. We had a great first lecture this morning, our first ‘Live Broadcast’ lecture, where, come January, we have to work as a production and presenting team to fill a live hour of radio every week. Every show will be critiqued intensely and we will be expected to broadcast to a professional standard, so in that sense, it’s nervously exciting. It’s like we never really went away though really. Me and the guys had a great laugh, and we’re already throwing ideas around for this particular module.

I then tonight did my Monday evening stint at Cheltenham General for Cotswold Hospital Radio. I presented the daily, hourly show, (Patients Postbag) by myself, and it made me think that presenting might be the route to go down, seeing as I do it pretty much all the time and I do love doing it. However, my career path in radio is something to think about a few months down the line, in a proper manner anywho.

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