My Love Of Student Radio

24 Nov

I love radio, but since coming to University, I have grown to adoring student radio even more than other platforms of radio broadcast. Here at the University of Gloucestershire, we have Tone Radio, who broadcast 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, just like any other radio station really. We have some real characters on it who can experiment freely, take risks and can just do whatever the hell they want to to some extent. Take my coursemate Dan, for example. He started his own show last night after hours of preparation and pulled it off excellently. His programme, ‘Saturday Night Slaughter’ is based on dark and morbid and sometimes grotesque concepts, which features packages such as ‘Serial Killer of the week’ and ‘Favourite Murder Weapons’, but always disclaims them well of not reflecting himself or Tone’s attitude towards such horrors. What I do love about it though is that it’s development. It’s development from degrading student chart shows and awful quizzes. It is post-watershed yes but it’s something different, a breath of fresh air and encapsulating to listen to. You didn’t really know what was going to come next. I had an insider view as I was with him a few hours before he went on air but I was still surprised of some of the content he came out with.

I myself have just started doing another show. As well as continuing with The Sam & Joe Show every week, today I began another programme of only one hour based on new and alternative music, benefitting myself more than anything. It shows the freedom that we’re allowed to have, that we won’t have if the miracle happens and we end up getting a job at the BBC. So I would advise any students out there who are interested in radio, or do a radio/media course to do it, try something different and if you like it and it works, roll with it. Student radio is nothing but a platform for trial and error for budding young broadcasters.

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