Finally Someone Speaks Out

19 Nov

I read something today that enlightened me and gave me hope to a certain extent. Kings of Leon have said that pop music, and I quote, is ‘making the world a bad place’. They refer to it as ‘not even music anymore’ and bassist Jared Followill has said that he physically cannot watch pop shows as they make him cringe, mostly due to the fact that it’s all visual nowadays and is all about Britney Spear’s ripping her clothes off as quick as possible.

I personally am so glad that a massive band, arguably one of the biggest in the world, loved by millions in their own right have publicly spoken out about this subject that’s coincidentally, been going round in my head for a good few weeks now. The whole aesthetic of pop is now fully artificial, with just the visuality mattering only, thus making the Internet arguably the biggest source to find new music. If we look at Youtube, a fantastic website that is hurdled with content, it holds an obvious but still valid example. ‘What does the fox say?’, done by that German guy, I’m not even going to bother typing his name because he quite frankly doesn’t deserve the right, has already racked up over 230 million views, which is just bloody ridiculous and in comparison, Arctic Monkey’s full set at Glastonbury this year has only received 227 THOUSAND views. There must be something wrong with the world, well we know there is, it’s pretty damn evident from this statistic there that is. Yes, it may be ‘funny’ to listen to and it may be ‘hilarious’ to imitate but people are forgetting that this crap costs money, it litters the music store shelves and dominates radioplay. Ultimately, it ruins the industry. I can’t blame the artist because he’s just doing what he wants and I’ve got respect for that, but it doesn’t mean he’s talented, because he’s not. Just because someone brings out a smash hit, it does not make them a talented musician. In fact, I cannot remember the last time that a genuinely talented musician got to number one in the charts. If anyone would like to answer me on that, feel free! However, a filter, or something, must be put in place in order to save the industry.

It’s development, and I understand that but it’s poor and demeaning development. It’s the kind of development that someone who watches Big Brother on Channel 5 and laughs at Keith fucking Lemon would set out to achieve. People with lower IQs clearly and with a very little understanding of what the term, good music, means, are buying the songs that become popular and therefore won’t be able to escape.

What needs to be done is for more bands like Kings of Leon to come out and be honest about what they think of the current state of the industry and we will have to ‘develop’ from there.  

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