Is It Irony?

17 Nov

OK, so I thought I’d best actually write something on this blog and in the last week, what’s really taken my interest is the new Lily Allen song. After 3 years of not releasing anything and in my memory, the last song she was featured on was her collaboration with Professor Green who has since released another album, Lily comes out with a raunchy video that’s taken to Youtube like a dog with a bone, spawning over 5 million hits already. The song, ‘Hard out here’ confuses me incredibly. It is much different to the likes of ‘The Fear’ and ‘Smile’ and includes lyrics such as ‘it’s hard out here for a bitch’ with slut drops galore and twerks aplenty. I have read that it is done to mock the ‘Blurred Lines’ video, of course, by Robin Thicke and Pharell Williams, but it sounds pretty damn serious to me, and there’s no doubt that it’ll shoot up to number one later on today in the charts. 

Also, in other music news, I’d like to reflect upon the recent announcements of the Download festival. Download Fest 2014 will welcome headliners Avenged Sevenfold, Linkin Park (who will play their debut album ‘Hybrid Theory’ in full) and Aerosmith to close the weekend. This is such  a massive disappointment for me as I went last year and had a wail of a time, seeing some fantastic bands, and I’ve got to say that Slipknot was possibly my gig of my life. However, that is the problem with metal, it has its limitations. One year, you’ll have a brilliant line-up come out and then the next, it will be more than awful. I can’t see the appeal of the three bands that have been announced myself as I think their time is up and we need to move on from that. The other bands supporting are Rob Zombie, Alter Bridge and Fall Out Boy, which still, isn’t much of an improvement. 

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