Day One

30 Mar

Just got back home after a good day in Sheffield with Huw at the Detestival Festival at the Queens Social Club. This is a 2 day thing so I’m off there again tomorrow. What allured to it was the fact that a Japanese band, who are quite indescribeable in many respects, musically and effectively played today. I would probably describe them as Japanese, ladyboy, crazy nu-metal. It’s not the best description, but it is literally what comes to my head when I think of this band. Nevertheless, that was today and they definitely lived up to expectations from when we saw them last year supporting the Horrors, along with the band we’ll be seeing tomorrow, Toy.

If people don’t know Toy, they’re awesome. They are basically the inexperienced Horrors I would say, but their music suggests otherwise. It’s like a driving scapy headbash, such a great band, and I’m very much looking forward to seeing them for the first time.

Detestival in general is pretty good, it’s good band after good band, decent drinks, funny people. There was a guy there today who very much looked like Moss from the IT Crowd and also a man who you’d imagine to be the birthchild of Ronnie Wood and Miles Kane. If that does ever happen, you know where you heard it first.

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